Relationships, Synastries, and Astrology

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♀♥Lady Urania♥♀:
It usually helps to explain synastries per a demonstration. Considering these folks are very visible and we know them, at least per the screen and tabloids thus can formulate some picture of them in relationships, I figured Id use Brad Pitt and his ladies Jen Anniston and Angelina Jolie.

First lets all take a look at Jen and Brad in synastry, and then just everyone use the good old intuition, and note what i said about sun sextile sun please:

Now, Take a note on this as well. Not much tensions here. And also, most of the activity is over on the left hand side of the chart, not getting anything into the right side hardly. I mean its functional. Theres a moon conjunct sun. Brad is a sagitarrius sun, sag rising, capricorn moon. Jen anniston is an aquarius, libra rising, sagitarrius moon. But nothing in the seventh or eight houses. Pretty much.

However, now, look at Brad and Angelina - see any differences folks, look esp over to the right hand side of the chart:

Now, what did I say about when one is with a sun sextile sun, that they may run off where the excitement is? There is no doubt this is an exciting chart. Angelina Jolie is a Gemini sun, cancer rising, Aries moon. So we have two polarities their suns are polarities to each other, and their moon and rising are polarities of each other. Angelina's sun landing in Brad's seventh house is a good indicator of marriage and mercury is in there too. Additionally, they do have stelliums which square per their moons. But the polarities are strong. Additionally, their north nodes are in each others ascendant signs. For example - brad has a cancer north node and angelina is a cancer rising. Angelina has a sag node and brad is a sag rising. So there is a strong outward attraction and even though lots of friction per the emotional - moon sides, this too is also coupled and resolved in all likelihood by the humanitarian efforts which Angelina esp is drawn into - Esp note per her natal neptune conjuncting brads ascendant. We can have issues with delusion at times (and he may exalt angelina per what he sees her spiritual side appeals to him), this is another thing per his ascendant, the man almost had a very spiritual/soulmate encounter or felt this was the one per the strong neptune contact. But additionally per that neptune contact which can be very powerful and feel goody - shes got him whipped! Also as her venus falls in his eighth house and she is a venus conjunct ascendant (which should be no surprise to most esp per attractibility being known as one of the most beautiful women in the world), falling into the eighth house of sex, death, transformation - definitely a strong factor, esp with venus opposing his capricorn moon/venus conjunction. So you could say meeting angelina opened the door for him in many things, but also per her own attraction and mars in aries, she is drawn to fire signs. She did, after all waste some time with Billy Bob thorton who is a leo sun - but very strong leo stellium. Sun, mercury, mars, venus, jupiter all are in leo! And on the cusp uranus in cancer, which would form a conjunct to angelina's ascendant (and can be indicative of a strong but temporary and fleeting relationship), but saturate her first house - most of the 'attraction' then per Billy Bob, was for her first house traits or appearance - but not the heart and what really lies underneath the woman.

So hopefully this gives some examples here of synastries which i can probably elaborate on more. but this should show the 'sextile' thing of functionality in a relationship, versus the excitement of strains in the right places and dynamic polarities and how they can groove together as well.

♀♥Lady Urania♥♀:
I suppose I could expand on this a bit, thought you guys might be fascinated with this one.

Per below, Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins boy and girl (both cancer children of course) on July 13th of this year.

Natal venus and transit venus were conjunct- and transit venus conjunct ascendant - and sun transiting the 12th house in cancer - sun conjunct ascendant from the 12th.

This is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, and also we know how she's adopted children from other countries.

Anyway, transits on the big day.

(A Gemini giving birth to twins - not unusual) :)

♀♥Lady Urania♥♀:
When looking at synastry charts, if at all possible, always good if can get ahold of the parents synastry to see some things.

Like Angelina's moon sign stellium conjunct midheaven(destiny). This is her 'estranged' father Jon Voight's chart in synastry with her on the inside. Since 2002 she hasnt spoken to him because he made comments publically she was 'unstable' and mentally unbalanced. Since then many public pleas for her to speak to him.

She has commented that her father had nothing to do with her going into movies but her mother did. Yet we see on the midheaven her fathers moon, and saturn, in aries. Saturn is typically the father planet and the moon the mother. For himself. She has moon/jupiter/mars in aries. So its tell-tale he does have a great deal of influence over her career-destiny (they both are academy award winners after all), and this would be for better or worse. She is not unaffected by him. Her saturn natally is close to her venus in the 12th so she keeps much of this underwraps her feelings. but also, the 12th house is also the house of hidden enemies, so she may have felt per his comments he was acting as her enemy and not her father when he went public. Though Angelina is photogenically extroverted (and bold in her modeling and movies - some of this with mars/moon conjunct shows this), still tho very sensitive side which can be wounded easily, hence the venus conjunct ascendant. When venus is on the ascendant esp in cancer, one is very vulnerable whether they wish to be or not.

Per the communication issue of silence notice that there's only one contact from Angelina's Mercury in the eleventh to his natal neptune (confusion in this case but she feels more deceived and that he 'lied' as neptune can have its own deceitfulness on its darker side). But per his mercury there is a sun opposition with hers. So his words certainly do affect her greatly, and even some of this public shunning has been her 'punishment' sts - not as much fame but bringing dad to his knees for what he did, she certainly has exercised the ability. His eighth house venus, however, conjuncts her north node in the fifth - house of children - its looking like per her children she recently had and the adopted ones, his heart is sincere for the blessings on her family per the press - he really wants to know his grandchildren! and hopefully there will be healing  involved in the rift between the two, But of course his pluto in the fifth of children, conjuncts her ascendant - he cannot 'press' her or be volatile esp where her public image is concerned again.

In addition most important part, his sun in falling in her sixth - from his midheaven (notice she has a jupiter conjunct midheaven - typically fortunate symbol and he has the sun, two strong midheaven contacts), that per the sixth house synastry there is a t-square formation with her aries stellium and third house pluto - the pressure he can put on, he must work toward more harmony. I do believe his public appeals for reconcilliation help - but angelina, still knows he is an actor and this would be the troubling aspect (remember his sun is on the midheaven - she may be concerned about the sincerity - one moment saying shes unstable then the public pleas for sympathy - what is up)? However Jon's chiron/sun opposition hes had to learn huge lessons in all of this himself (chiron in the fourth for him of domestic conjunct IC) also ruled by moon/mom - dont create 'wounds' in the first place. A chiron opposition sun can shoot themselves in the foot and wound themselves with plenty of regrets.

Hopefully they will heal the rift.

An interesting note, Brad Pitt per his mercury/sun sag/ cap moon - Jon's mercury conjunct's brad's ascendant, Jon may be able to go to Brad to work on healing the rift as hes a guardian to her etc and she listens to him; but Brad's mars does conjunct Jon's sun so he will protect Angelina no doubt. Brad is no pushover even by her father.

Underlying issues in choices with men though? Fire signs and even brad with the cap moon makes you wonder.

♀♥Lady Urania♥♀:
Before I get into the moon signs in synastries and relationships, since he did pass on very recently, and is well known to have a very successful marriage and prior to death made the 50 year marker. I thought I would post the synastry between...

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Very closely related ascendants - Capricorn risings - Saturn does well in an ascendant conjunct of capricorn cause its the ruler. Juno is a minor aspect but has to do with marriage nonetheless included it - theres a correlation with this as well as much of the attraction to each other - led to the altar.  Born five years apart - but these aspects come into play.  Jupiter in the fifth house for both of them this is the house of romance - which ends up forming a trine not only for Paul his sun trine jupiter, but her jupiter trined his sun as well (benefic). Part of fortune conjunct her sun (happiness). Mars opposition Pluto - we'd almost be concerned with this - and much of his race car driving pursuits may add to this (scaring her to death)!!! however, this can also be attraction and tension - this chart doesnt show the trine however, sun and venus (joanee) trines both their pluto's in the seventh - of marriage - which gives pluto the benefic boost it needs but addtionally per their cap ascendants and pluto being in the polaritity of cancer - so this pluto is highly strengthened - which actually shows she was truly the 'backbone' of the marriage and support - its still mutual and compatible - but theres a great strength with Joanne per influence but also heart and love. The stability was there but esp adding to the emotional of pisces and cancer really - IOW Paul - esp per his humanitarian efforts which we've seen with his co (gave considerable amounts to chairity over the years) was heavily influenced by "her heart" in this. IOW - the relationship and marriage completely transformed him.

In addition something strongly in common with the two of them - a) both sun conjunct venus b) both were primarily 'winter' elements - capricorn ascendants - he being aquarian sun, she being pisces sun - those are winter elements.  c) her moon sign was in his sun sign - aquarius.

But they do have their differences as expressed a bit from him but their career paths were similar. But race car driving and giving her heart attacks lol!

Some quotes:

(found this online per an interview with Late Paul Newman):
"Despite their occasional differences of opinion, the Newman-Woodward marriage has lasted, Paul says, because of "great impatience tempered by patience. When you have been together this long, sometimes you drive each other nuts, but underneath that is some core of affection and respect."

Other quotes:

Paul about Joanne's support: "Joanne has always given me unconditional support in all my choices and endeavours, and that includes my race car driving, which she deplores. To me, that's love."
Source: "Paul Newman and wife Joanne celebrate 50 years of marriage",, 1/29/2008.

Paul Newman on marriage: ďIíve repeatedly said that for people who have as little in common as Joanne and myself, we have an uncommonly good marriage. We are actors. We make pictures and thatís about all we have in common. Maybe thatís enough. Wives shouldnít feel obligated to accompany their husbands to a ball game, husbands do look a bit silly attending morning coffee breaks with the neighborhood wives when most men are out at work. Husbands and wives should have separate interests, cultivate different sets of friends and not impose on the other ... You canít spend a lifetime breathing down each otherís necks ... We are very, very different people and yet somehow we fed off those varied differences and instead of separating us, it has made the whole bond a lot stronger.Ē

Joanne on love and marriage: "Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a real treat."
Source: Simran Khurana,

And a very well known quote attributed to Paul Newman:  "Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?"

♀♥Lady Urania♥♀:
In addition to this on paul newman and racing, per having the mars closest to ascendant and op pluto = daredevil!!!

Its a good thing mars is exalted in capricorn is all I can say (lucky devil)!


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